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Panama Canal

Some said it couldn’t be done. But in 1870, scientists, engineers, explorers, and, of course, politicians set out to prove it could. They plunged into the single largest and costliest engineering effort since the Egyptians constructed the pyramids.

So began the Panama Canal. During the next 40 years, an amazing human drama would play out that propelled some people and nations into the spotlight and ruined the reputations of others.

What to See & Do

Miraflores Locks. Learn about the history and operations of this engineering marvel of the world as you watch huge cargo ships passing by. The visitor’s center at Miraflores has a museum and a movie theatre. It’s open all year from 9 am to 5 pm. There is a second visitor center on the Caribbean side where you can see the new, bigger lane of the Panama Canal. Although from afar.

Nature & Wildlife Tours. A boat trip on Gatun Lake means being surrounded by prime Rainforest in one of the world’s most complete ecosystems, an exciting ecological expedition where you will be able to appreciate an incredible diversity of exotic tropical plants and trees, colorful butterflies, birds and other kinds of animals in their natural environment, such as sloths, iguanas, howler and white-faced monkeys.

Panama Canal Transit. Many people visiting Panama want to experience first-hand the Panama Canal, and they can do this by taking either a partial or full transit through the locks. A bit on the boring side for the active kind, but popular with the older crowd.