Panama City

A modern city of high-rise buildings surrounded by prime rainforest, the Pacific Ocean, two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and one Panama Canal. Also check Nearby Panama City

What to See & Do: Tourist Attractions

Amador Causeway A drive/walkway over the Pacific Ocean connecting mainland with three islands, built using rocks from the construction of the Panama Canal. Great for walking, jogging, or renting a bicycle. It has restaurants, bars, a Marine Exhibition Center, and a dock for boats to Taboga Island.

Historic Sites Panama City was the first European settlement on the Pacific coast in the American Continent. Founded in 1519 and later invaded and destroyed by pirates in 1671, you can visit today the ruins of the old city “Panama Viejo”. In 1673 a new city was reborn 8 kms west, “El Casco Viejo”, with narrow streets and a unique combination of Spanish, French and Early American architecture.

Metropolitan Park 636 acres of rainforest 15 minutes away from downtown Panama City. It has 4 nature trails, 186 bird species, 32 mammals, a lookout point to the City and Canal, a library and souvenir shop.

Panama Canal Learn about the history and operations of this engineering marvel of the world as you watch huge ships passing right in front of you. The Miraflores Locks Visitor’s Center, open everyday from 9am to 5pm, has a museum and movie theatre.