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Azuero: The Forgotten Peninsula

Culture, small towns, big waves, and remote destinations!

Why Visit Azuero?

Surrounded by a beautiful coastline and full of picturesque small towns, this is an area rich in Panamanian culture and folklore, home to many popular fairs and traditional celebrations.

Things To do In Azuero

Beaches & Islands

There are many well-marked beaches accessible from the main road that goes bordering the coast. However, the most popular in the area have something in particular, like the big waves in “Venao” for surfing, or the coral reef at “Isla Iguana”.

Culture & Folklore

There are so many fairs and local celebrations in this region that you can almost count on attending one if you happen to be in the area on the weekend. For the most popular ones, you need to make reservations well in advance, including of course Carnivals.

Nature & Wildlife

Nature lovers will enjoy a snorkeling trip to “Isla Iguana”, with more than 300 species of fish and 14 species of coral. And around September and October, “Isla Cañas”, offers a vast stretch of golden beach that doubles as sea turtle nesting grounds.

And these are just a few examples. The list goes on and on, you can also go river rafting, mountain biking, scuba diving, surfing, caving, bird watching, horseback riding, canopy zip-lining, and much more.

Where To Stay


“Bajo Boquete” refers to the center of town. “Bajo” means “lower” because it is the area at the bottom of the valley. A convenient location if you don’t have a car and want to be able to walk to restaurants and have easy access to other conveniences.​


This is the area alongside the David-Boquete highway before going down to town. There are houses and businesses but because of the road, it doesn’t have the same feeling as the town or the other neighborhoods past the center of town.​


Jaramillo, Volcancito, Palo Alto, Bajo Mono, Alto Quiel. These areas tend to be prettier than the town and work well for those looking for quiet natural surroundings, although they require a car, taxi, bus ride, or a good hike.​

Where To Eat

There are many good restaurants in Boquete. You can choose from a wide range of options and prices. If you want to try what the locals eat, go to one of the informal “meal of the day” restaurants at lunchtime. They usually have a set menu including rice and beans, plantain, a small salad, and a choice of chicken, pork, or beef. If you are vegetarian or vegan, just ask for the same but without the meat.

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