Santa Catalina

With the combination of road improvements and the emergence of small hotels and tour operators, this place is slowly turning into another one of the popular beach towns in Panama attracting a diverse group of travelers, from serious surfers chasing big waves, to divers taking boat trips to the nearby islands, to those only looking to relax in a hammock and read a book while listening to the ocean in the background.

What to See & Do: Tourist Attractions

Scuba Diving Coiba National Park is a group of 38 islands including Coiba Island (the largest island in Central America) and the waters surrounding them, covering 430,825 acres. Identified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, it offers rich and well preserved natural resources.

Surfing Mostly for experienced surfers, Santa Catalina offers consistent, easy to line up, big waves. And because of its remote location surfing is relatively uncrowded much of the time.