Pearl Islands

About a hundred small islands, many of them uninhabited, encouraging visitors to enjoy diverse activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, bird watching, whale watching, or swimming in beautiful white sand beaches.

What to See & Do: Tourist Attractions

Beautiful Beaches On Contadora Island you can walk to many beaches for your enjoyment or take a boat and explore the nearby islands, all of them with white sand and crystal clear waters.

Boat Tours Get on a boat for some snorkeling, bird watching, and if lucky, whale watching. Afterwards you can rest on a secluded beach with no one around.

Scuba Diving Diving on the Pacific is quite different than on the Caribbean. There are fewer types of coral, but much greater variety and quantity of fish.

Whale Watching Humpback whales come from both the northern and southern hemisphere to calve in the warm waters of the Pearl Islands from August to December. In March, you can occasionally find whale sharks basking near the islands.