Mountain Biking Panama

Explore the natural wonders of Panama on your own sweat and steam. This small country offers many different types of terrain to choose from, from flat gravel roads along cattle farms, to muddy single track through lush rainforest, to rocky descends with amazing mountain views.

Mountain Biking Destinations

Bocas del Toro From Bocas Town you can rent bikes and ride along the coast for a visit to one of the nearby beaches, or you can go a little farther and take the road that crosses the island and reach Boca del Drago.

Boquete You will find a few places renting bicycles, as well as offering tours. There are beautiful areas to explore, but there are lots of hills, so good physical conditions are necessary in order to enjoy the rides.

El Valle Explore town on two wheels and visit small villages accessible through old dirt roads while enjoying the mountains and rainforest all around. Savor the scenery on the way up, and let the excitement take over on the way down.