Darien Panama

This is where the road ends… literally. The famous Pan-American Highway that goes from Alaska to Quellón, Chile and Ushuaia, Argentina stops here. That’s how remote the area is.

This is an ideal place for those adventurous visitors who truly love the outdoors. The natural beauty of the rainforest here is quite stunning. UNESCO named the Darien National Park a World Heritage Site, and here you will not only find forests and swamps, but also mountain ranges and beaches.

Journey into this rich rainforest environment with guides who know all the ins and outs. But be ready to rough it, comfort is not a common word in Darien, accommodations are rustic, the hiking can get muddy and slippery, and long boat trips are usually part of the adventure.

So forget about the civilized world and get ready to enjoy nature, wildlife, and indigenous people living in remote jungle villages.