About Me


Thanks for visiting my website. My name is Luis Calvo, I’m a local adventure traveler leading multi-day tours in Panama since 2001.

I was born in Panama, lived a few years in “middle of nowhere” Mexico where I did my university studies, worked 9 to 5, composed and recorded some music, sold all my stuff and moved to Argentina. My attempt to become a musician didn’t work out so I came back to Panama wondering what to do next with my life.

My soul searching included a lot of exploration trips with my friends. Whenever someone suggested an idea I was the first in line. We did many road trips, hiking trips, surfing trips, and a few crazy mountain biking trips.

At some point, I thought about making a website to promote adventure tourism in Panama because I realized there was very little information on that at the time.

The website got some traction and I joined forces with a friend who had a travel agency and we started offering adventure tours online. Little by little the experiment kept growing until I was able to make the switch and turn it into a full-time job.

Turns out I love to be in nature and I really enjoy spending time with people from different cultures. Also, along the way, I developed an interest in cultural psychology and sociology while having to translate the local cultural idiosyncrasies to the foreigners I was hanging out with.

And then, because I was spending so much time with travelers, it didn’t take long before I became one of them.


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