About Us

We are a Panamanian owned tour operator offering top quality personalized Panama small group tours with a focus on culture, nature, and adventure. Our tours go to beaches, caves, hidden waterfalls, historic sites, mountains, National Parks, native villages, rainforests, small towns, tropical islands, and of course, the Panama Canal. Our tours are private, custom made, and lead by born and raised Panamanian guides with over 10 years of professional experience.

Meet The Team


Luis Calvo
Leading tours since 2001

Luis was born and raised in Panama City where he lived until political instability forced many parents to send their children away to other countries. His parents found a small town in Mexico accepting Panamanian students so he was sent there. The choices regarding what to study were limited but that was secondary so he end up studying marketing and economics.

Upon returning to Panama and realizing he was not 9-to-5 office material, he set up a website as an experiment offering nature and adventure tours, which was something he enjoyed doing with friends, and did well enough to turn this passion into his full time profession.

Special Interests or Abilities: Luis has been exploring Panama since early on, first with family, then with friends, and later on professionally as part of his job. He is in his element when in nature and enjoys very much to meet world travelers and exchanging stories as he is a traveler himself.

Besides nature and adventure, Luis developed an interest in cultural psychology and sociology by traveling abroad as well as in his home country by having to translate cultural differences to visitors. He is currently assisting Professor of Sociology Laura Desfor Edles from California State University on research being done about tourism in Panama.


Alexis Guevara
Leading tours since 2001

Alex grew up in Darien province, on the eastern side of Panama. He was raised in a jungle village right before the end of the Pan American highway. After high school, Alex was awarded a scholarship to Mt. Hood Community College in Oregon, where he studied natural resources and received his first formal training in ornithology.

Alex began his career at the Gamboa Rain Forest Resort in January of 2001 and has since guided numerous birding and cultural trips in Costa Rica and all over his own country as well. He has today a beautiful family, his wife and two young daughters named after Latin bird names, Querula and Dacnis.

Special Interests or Abilities: He is a highly experienced traveler of the Isthmus and a Certified Guide by the National Association for Interpretation (NAI) USA.

Alex developed a love for nature and wildlife while growing up in the jungle of Darien. His birding skills focus mostly by listening and knowing the different habitats of the country. He also has a passion for indigenous cultures, history, and hiking & trekking.

Tourism preferences: He has lead different kinds of travelers and age groups with the same passion and enthusiasm to show them the beauty of his country. Although his preference is to lead naturalist groups.


Briant Dominici
Leading tours since 1998

Briant was born and raised in Panama City, and developed an interest in nature at a very young age when spending his summers in the countryside, where he had to be constantly taken out of the forest by his mother when he escaped adult supervision following leaf-cutter ants. It was not a surprise then when he enrolled at the University of Panama to study Biology.

However, due to the lack of job opportunities in his field, his first years as a professional were working regular office jobs for multi-national companies. Fortunately, all these companies had Corporate Social Responsibility areas and Briant had the opportunity to participate on environmental related issues, including voluntary work for Earthwatch and the Smithsonian Institute, traveling to Maryland and DC where he helped scientist to gather data regarding the CO2 intake of the forest. All these while leading tours on weekends and holidays teaching others about the incredible biodiversity of his country until he was finally able to do it full time.

Special Interests or Abilities: Briant is a seasoned traveler and has visited over 25 countries so far. He loves sharing information and has been invited by several associations to give conferences and to radio shows to talk about science and nature. Evolution and Frogs are his favorite subjects now.