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Wouldn’t it be nice to have a local friend in every country you visit? Even better, a friend that’s knowledgeable, attentive, funny, patient, polite, and a gracious host who enjoys showing you around. That’s the kind of personalized experience we want you to have in our beautiful country, Panama! And those are precisely the adjectives we are getting on our Guests’ Reviews. Yes, our guests are the best, but we like to think it also has something to do with the friend approach.

“I cannot stress enough how much my wife and I enjoyed this trip and the wonderful friendship we have built spending 10 days with Luis”

What we do is what we would like to find ourselves when we travel. Yes, we all want to visit beautiful places, but the experience is exponentially enriched when you also get to hang out and interact with a local from that country. We want to ask questions, have interesting conversations, and get to see the world through the eyes of someone with a different perspective. We like real human connections and building meaningful relationships. Therefore it is quite common for us to remain in touch with our “once guests/now friends” long after the trip is over, in some cases for 15 years and counting!

“We all grew quite fond of Luis (in only a week!), who took care of all our needs with aplomb, led us on amazing adventures, and provided great company as well”

As travelers ourselves, we also want to make things easier for you. We have done all the research for you “in-site”, we know from experience what works and what doesn’t, we have been to other countries and understand the things that make Panama unique and worth checking out. So, you just need to fill out a “tour wish list” (see below) with your travel preferences and later on buy your plane tickets to Panama, that’s it!

“We got to pick all the activities we were interested in and leave out the stuff we didn’t want to do. It was everything we wanted and nothing we didn’t (when does that happen?)”

We feel extremely fortunate to get the opportunity to do what we do. We love helping other adventure travelers have a wonderful time in Panama and sharing with them the amazing beauty and diversity we have on this small country we call home.

When I researched this trip and saw that nearly everyone had given this tour an excellent rating, I was highly skeptical. I could not have been more wrong.

Please feel free to Contact Us at any point if you have a question. And you are welcome to learn more About Us and read some of our Guest’s Reviews to understand better what we do and how we do it.

If you are ready to start your Panama adventure, fill out your “Tour Wish List” below and we will get back to you with a personalized itinerary designed just for you.



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