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Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure tour to an undiscovered paradise?

Most people know Panama only for the Panama Canal, but don’t be deceived, Panama offers travel experiences on a par with anywhere in the world. Here are a few examples:

  • Snorkel around picture perfect tiny tropical islands.
  • Hike to spectacular waterfalls in the rainforest.
  • Travel back in time to Indigenous villages preserving their ancient traditions.
  • Zip-Line through the fairy-tale looking cloudforest.
  • Visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites dating back to the 1500s.
  • Enjoy a cup of high-quality Boquete coffee directly from the farm.
  • Photograph wildlife in their natural environment.
  • Relax in beautiful white sandy beaches with bath-tub warm waters.

It's like there’s something extraordinary on every turn! In fact, your will feel as if they've been in on a secret that the rest of the traveling world has yet to discover.

Custom Made Tours | Let's design your very own Panama adventure.

For the past 15 years we’ve been helping travelers from around the world arrange some of the most amazing adventure tours in Panama. We make it simple, just fill out the tour form below with your preferences and we will design a Panama tour itinerary that makes the best use of you vacation time and meets your specific interests.

Guests Reviews:

 "There is just no better way to discover Panama."
I am a seasoned traveler. I am used to go out of the beaten path, to travel on my own, to organize things from abroad, etc. With Xplora I was amazed from beginning to end... More
Panama Tours Reviews
 "Absolutely wonderful, the very best possible choice!" We crisscrossed from the Pacific beaches to the mountains and continental divide. We wanted to experience the culture and people and also enjoy its many outdoor activities, and that we did... More

 "7 days of Perfection with Xplora Panama!"
We got to pick all the activities we were interested in and leave out the stuff we didn't want to do and then Xplora put it all together in a perfectly planned itinerary which we received quickly with pricing. It was everything we wanted and nothing we didn’t (when does that happen?)... More

 "6-Star Multi-Day Adventure"
Luis was our guide for an 8-day whirlwind adventure all over Panama. IT WAS AWESOME! He was able to learn about what my husband and I are most interested in and highly customize a tour that was perfect for us... More



Small group tours and custom made private tours in Panama with a focus on culture, nature, and adventure.

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